Autism from the Perspective of One Who Lives with This Issue Daily

On this Weekly Global Distributor Call Richard Jaffe is visiting with Dr. Tamara Sofi who is a Member of The MOXXOR Science Advisory Board. Tamara is a brilliant scientist who specializes in neurotransmitter delivered therapies to elite human and equine athletes that work!

Tamara holds a Masters degree in Holistic Nutrition (with honors) and is currently completing her PhD in the same field. She is an active member of the autistic spectrum or "functional disconnect syndrome" community and on this Call we spend the entire hour discussing Autism from the perspective of one who lives with this issue daily.

This is an in-depth and insightful interview discussing The Autism Spectrum, Autism and what it’s like to live with it on a daily basis and how this exceptional woman has overcome the challenges.

Listen to this call and learn the science of how MOXXOR has impacted this incredible woman...and what MOXXOR means to the Autism Community.

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