Natural Anti-inflammatory Video Part 3 by Dr. Scott Graham: Inflammation Cascade and Moxxor

A look at the differences in omega 3 supplements

Transcript of Part 3

That’s checked two ways [referring to the absence of contaminants]. Number 1 New Zealand is an organic country and the water is tested every day. There are no pesticides, fertilizers or anything allowed in the country. This is a very remote area like what you see in the pictures.

So, not only does the government check the water, but then MOXXOR the company actually checks the product for any contaminants. And there is 0.000…. you know, if you get your water report from where you live, the city, you always see the parts per billion of mercury and fluoride etc.

Moxxor is pure, there are no contaminants and that’s one of the reasons why it is so important.

So, back to the question…you can’t always trust what’s on the bottle.

Q: One MOXXOR capsule is equivalent to how many Costco fish oils?

A: Two pills are equivalent to the bio-availability of 158 Costco pills. The problem with using Costco pills is that there is more than one Costco pill. I only use this as an example. If you go to Costco or to G&C you’ll find that there are multiple different companies that sell omega 3s. For the majority, when you look at that big pill, you will find filler in it, and the filler is not fish oil, it’s usually olive oil. So, while that pill has some fish oil, it is not as bio-available, it’s also not as pure (without contaminants).

So, in literature published independently of the company, two MOXXOR are equivalent to 158 tablets of the conventional pill that you would buy from any store.

And it’s not that it’s MORE omegas… that’s what’s important. So many people get caught up on the EPA and DHA alone.

They ask, “How many mg do you have in MOXXOR?” My reply is that it doesn’t matter. Let’s just say that there’s 300mg in one or 2 tablets of the pill you buy from a store; in MOXXOR, it’s not that there’s 400mg, it’s just that the number of mg has more bio-availability and is therefore more potent.

People will then say, “Well, if that is so strong, I’m taking 158 of those pills so I’m getting too much omega 3.” No, you’re not. You’re getting the RIGHT amount of omega 3, it’s just actually doing something and that’s a very important concept to understand.

Comment: That analogy seems to be similar to what is used in fitness. You can do 100 curls, but if they are not done in the right way, then their effectiveness is less.

In medicine, we have narcotics and 1 microgram of one drug can be far more potent than 1mg of another. This tiny amount is so much stronger than this big amount. That is why I say that focusing on mgs can be so misleading. It misleads the consumer who goes and looks at the big bottle and then the mg, usually selecting the one with more mg because they assume it is better… but it’s not. It’s irrelevant actually.

And that actually goes to the reason why this concept is so important (combining omega 3s and anti-oxidants). It works in the brain, it works in the nervous system, it works in the blood vessels, it works in the liver, the skin, the GI system. It works in basically every cell in the body. And so that’s why so many different medical fields will suggest basically omegas and anti-oxidants, because they actually help every cell in the body.

People get different improvements.

I have patients with arthritis and they’re tired of pills or shots and they are looking for alternatives. So, now I talk to them about MOXXOR and they take it, and they come back they say “My Parkinson’s is better, my Chrome’s disease is better.” These are things that I was not even treating them for using MOXXOR, but it is improving. You can be taking MOXXOR for one reason, but notice that something else improves also. We hear this again and again and again.

What is probably happening is that the MOXXOR is decreasing the inflammation around the nerves, which is allowing the nerves to conduct the message back to the brain.

Probably the most common feedback that we’ve been getting is a “general sense of wellbeing”, “more focused” and “clarity”. And it’s hard from a medical point of view to put your finger on just what that is, because I can’t explain it, but that’s what I am hearing all the time.

Q: Any side effects that you know of?

No, the only side effect that I have ever heard is that some people say that that sense of well being or mental clarity can sometimes make it a little difficult to sleep at night, so that is why the suggestion is to typically take it in the morning.

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