Natural Anti-inflammatory Video Part 2 by Dr. Scott Grahm: Inflammation Cascade and Moxxor

Not all natural anti-inflammatory supplements are the same.

Transcript of Part 2

Perfect cholesterol scores and they still drop dead!

There are patients that will have “perfect” cholesterol; perfect profile… 158 cholesterol, high HDLs… and they’ll drop dead of a heart attack because they have a lot of inflammation. And a “normal” level of cholesterol can still cause plaques. So, the American Heart Association has figured this out and has tried to encourage people to have Omegas in their diet, and that’s one of the reasons that people really started getting on board with supplements.

Omega 3s and Omega 3s…they are not all the same

When you look at the supplements that people typically buy, if you go to COSTCO, G&C or the vitamin shop, you get these pills that are pretty darn big. There is really one main reason why they’re big- it’s because our culture has really turned to being more interested in larger bottles and bigger things.

For example, if people see a big bottle for $39 and a small bottle for the same price they tend to go and buy the bigger one. Well, to have a bigger bottle, you’ve got to have bigger pills. So what they do is add the fish oil, but they also add filler, which is typically olive oil. And so it’s really just a filler to make the pill look larger so that people have the feeling that they are getting more for their money.

Omega 3s to Omega 6s

Olive oil tends to be Omega6s, which we don’t necessarily need more of, and fish oil tends to have more Omega3s in it. You want to have a ratio in your diet of Omega3s to Omega6s of about 1:2. In our society, the way that food has been processed and cooked over the last 50 years, instead of that 1:2 ratio, we are about 1:25 or 1:50 which means that we already have too many Omega6s.

That’s one of the reasons why a lot of epidemiologists feel that since Omega6s are more pro-inflammatory, we tend to live in a more inflammatory state and this may explain why there is more ADHD, more asthma, more obesity, higher incidence of cancer and more medical problems in general. This increase in illness has to do with free radicals, stress and chronic inflammation.

So, when you’re buying those big pills, most people aren’t getting what they really think they are getting and this is a very important thing.

Natural anti-inflammatory in Moxxor

What MOXXOR has done is that they’ve created tiny little pills, and the reason why they’ve created tiny little pills is that they’re not going along with the game that everyone else is playing. They are not trying to sell people what they don’t need.

They’re not trying to sell people a big pill because everyone thinks that bigger is better. They are giving people small pills because the Omega3 oil is so strong from the greenlip mussels that they don’t need to falsely advertise.

The other thing about fish oil is that when you go to the store you will typically see EPA and DHA highlighted. EPA and DHA are 2 of 8 Omega3s that have to work together to have an effectiveness. And it just so happens that the greenlip mussel has all eight in the right proportion, and the synergy of all eight of those actually works much better.

If you have just a high proportion of EPA or DHA, it really doesn’t mean very much. And so this is what bio-availability means, what something that is efficacious means. You can take something that has more mg, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be better.

If you take just 2 small MOXXOR capsules its worth about 158 of the big pills, because the fish oil is not only less than you think, but it is also not quite as bio-available. It’s been denatured through a heated process and the number of Omega 3s that are polar are less.

When you look at omegas, if you have one that is polar (which is kind off opposite to a free radical) it has a higher affinity to go and be incorporated into the cell membrane. If you have an omega 3 that is non-polar, which means that it already has a partner, you can take it, but it doesn’t do anything. It just goes into your system but never attaches to a cell membrane.

Q: Where is it listed that olive oil is in many fish oil supplements?

A: A lot of times ingredients are not listed because this is a supplement and it is not required. When you look at pharmaceuticals, these have to be evaluated by the FDA for safety. When you talk supplements or nutraceuticals, they’re not regulated by anyone.

People will ask me sometimes, “Why doesn’t this have FDA approval?” Its like, “Why don’t I get my pilot’s license from the DMV?”…they just don’t do it.

There is no jurisdiction over the supplements. It just so happens that MOXXOR had to be evaluated by the FDA to be imported from NZ. You can say anything that you want on those bottles and there is no system in place to monitor that.

When people ask me as an orthopedic surgeon about glucosamine… there are so many glucosamines that you can go and buy and some could be half powder or corn starch and you just don’t know what is in these pills.

The other thing is that fish oil does not usually get tested for contaminants. A lot of pharmacists know that one of the most difficult things, specifically in pregnant women, in getting them pre-natal vitamins (because omega 3s are very important for pregnant women for fetal brain development) is getting omega 3s that are pure, without any contaminants, specifically mercury. But common fish oil never gets tested for those, so that is a problem.

There’s an article recently about the actor from the movie Entourage that was admitted to hospital with mercury poisoning. He got it from one of two things. Either he’d been eating a lot of Sushi which is usually the highest grade, cleanest fish OR he got it from his supplements, and they’re not sure. He had some movement disorders which were discovered to be caused from mercury poisoning. So it’s out there…the stuff’s not tested.

Q: Does this contamination have to do with the fact that we have very little control over where the fish has come from?

A: There are really three main issues when you look at an omega 3.

Number 1 is the source. Did it come from a fish? Where is that fish from? What fish was it?

Number 2 How was it processed?

Just quickly, if you take a fish from the top of the food chain that has a long life span, like a tuna or a salmon that we commonly know and eat, all of the mercury, dioxins and PCBs are concentrated into that fish over its lifespan which is much longer than most other fish. These contaminants don’t readily get excreted by the body, it stays for a long time and gets concentrated up the food chain. This is why pregnant women are NOT supposed to eat these fish.

Greenlip mussels have a short lifespan of about 6 months, they are filter feeders, so they don’t eat anything besides phyto-nutrients from the Tasman sea. Greenlip mussels ONLY LIVE in the Marlborough Sounds. They have tried in the past to transplant them into other parts of the world because they are such a good food commodity, but they weren’t able to grow. And so they still ONLY grow in the Marlborough region in New Zealand.

Even if we were able to transplant the greenlip mussels and put them somewhere like Long Beach Harbor, you would not want them for an Omega3 source because they would be concentrating a lot of bad things. Although you would have great Omegas, you would also have a lot of contaminants.

The point being that these are the two most important things, at the end of the day, as to what you would put in your stomach.

It's not how big it is that counts

So when you go back to the concentration of why 2 small Moxxor pills are the equivalent of 158 large fish oil pills, it has to do with the fact that they have all 8 omega 3s in the right balance, they have been processed with a cold press process which extracts 100% of the proteins (so even people with shellfish allergies can still take Moxxor), the cold press process creates more polar omega 3s, which makes it more bio-available and they’re from the pure pristine environment of the Marlborough Sounds, so there’s no contaminants.

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