Natural Anti-inflammatory 100 Times More Potent than Fish Oil, Study Concludes

The search for a truly natural anti-inflammatory is intensifying as the unsustainable position of pharmaceutical companies with regards to the safety of their NSAIDs is crumbling.

If you haven't read our article about NSAIDs and their dangers, you should do so before continuing with this article. It will not only help you better understand what follows; it will also help you appreciate the value of this information.

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A Safe, Natural Way to Manage Pain and Inflammation

As we have seen in other articles, green-lipped mussel oil has tremendous natural anti-inflammatory properties. We are not allowed by the FDA to say that this oil can cure or treat inflammatory diseases, but we can point you to the scientific literature and the studies done regarding the effectiveness and safety of this natural anti-inflammatory.

In a study published in Inflammopharmacology M.W.Whitehouse and associates concluded that green-lipped mussel oil greatly diminished signs of inflammation.¹

We include as many of the references as possible for those who want to see the actual data and studies. One of the best ways to take control of your health is to become well informed and truly understand the issues and the science involved in them. It's not always easy, but it does enable you to make better choices.

We’ll try to boil down the studies and their conclusions a bit and hopefully make them easier to understand, and save you some time. Yet, as always, we still encourage you to check these things out for yourself, and not simply take our word for it. We believe one reason America’s health is in the sad state it’s in is because too many of us have taken many people’s word for things when it wasn’t necessarily so.

In this study entitled "Anti-inflammatory activity of a lipid fraction (lyprinol) from the NZ green-lipped mussel", researchers compared the anti-inflammatory properties of green-lipped mussel oil with the anti-inflammatory properties of typical fish oils, salmon oil, flaxseed oil, and evening primrose oil, as well as aspirin and ibuprofen. (*Lipids: fats, oils, cholesterol, waxes, sterols and other related compounds.)

The results of this study are quite striking. First of all, right in the abstract, the authors state very clearly, "In contrast to NSAIDs, Lyprinol is non-gastrotoxic in disease-stressed rats…" (Lyprinol was the name of the green-lipped mussel extract used in this experiment. At the time, it was the best quality GLMO produced. There are now even better options available.)

That's doubly great news! GLMO (green-lipped mussel oil) is high in anti-inflammatory properties, but doesn’t injure the stomach or intestines like NSAIDs often do.

GLMO 100 Times More Effective than Fish, Flaxseed or Evening Primrose Oil

The scientists in this study used 4 mg of green-lipped mussel oil combined with 16mg of olive oil, and compared its anti-inflammatory action to that of the other oils and pharmaceuticals used in the study.

1850mg of plain olive oil was found to be only 0.6% as effective as green-lipped mussel oil in reducing inflammation. Fish oil (1850mg) and salmon oil (also 1850mg) scored only a little better than the plain olive oil: 0.9% and 0.8% effectiveness respectively, as compared to the green-lipped mussel oil. It's important to note the difference in quantities compared so you can appreciate the powerful, concentrated anti-inflammatory effects and properties of green-lipped mussel oil.

GLMO was used in a dose of 4mg (along with 16 mg olive oil), whereas the fish and plant oils were used in 1850mg doses. If you have ever taken fish oil capsules, you'll know that this makes a big difference. Swallowing huge capsules of only 1000mg can be enough to make you stop using them.

Plant-based oils didn't do much better than their fish oil counterparts. Flaxseed oil was only 0.9% as effective as green-lipped mussel oil; evening primrose oil was a little better, with 1.1% of the effectiveness of GLMO.

This means that you would have to take about 100 times more fish oil (1850mg times 100, which comes out to 185000mg, or 185 grams), to match the anti-inflammatory effects of just 4mg of green-lipped mussel oil! Can you imagine taking 180 of those huge fish oil capsules? (It would be 180 capsules, and not 100, because usually fish oil comes in 1000mg capsules, not in 1850mg capsules.)

None of the above oils were found to be toxic in any way, nor did they present any apparent side effects. So if you can't get GLMO, then these other oils may very well be able to help you. They just aren't as powerful as GLMO, and some are better than others.

In future articles (coming soon!) we will be covering some of the factors you should beware of when considering which natural anti-inflammatory oil to use, such as

  • fillers used in the manufacture of many supplements,
  • heavy metal, pesticide, and PCB contamination, and
  • processing methods which can destroy essential natural anti-inflammatory properties and/or leave the supplement contaminated with solvents.

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Aspirin and Ibuprofen did better as far as their potency relative to GLMO, with the former being 6.7% as effective and the latter 42.9% as effective. But what about negative side effects?

Aspirin can lead to gastrointestinal bleeding (which can cause death), and ibuprofen can cause liver damage. Neither of these so-called "side effects" is very desirable!

No Undesirable Side Effects Found for GLMO

On the other hand, none of the oils tested in this study had any undesirable side effects! How's that for good news? And for an added benefit, these natural anti-inflammatory oils are good for the heart.

According to this study, it would take 15 aspirins of 300mg each to equal the anti-inflammatory potency of just one dose of 4mg of natural anti-inflammatory green-lipped mussel oil (GLMO).

It would take almost 2 and a half 50mg ibuprofen tablets to equal the same 4mg dose of GLMO.

These outstanding results are wonderful news for anyone who suffers from any of the many anti-inflammatory diseases affecting so many in today's world.

Another Perspective on the Potency of Green-lipped Mussel Oil

In the study, the researchers used a mixture of 4mg of GLMO and 16mg of plain olive oil. This makes the 20% strength that Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, uses to summarize the results from the study:

  • 20% Green-lipped mussel oil is 2.3 times more potent than ibuprofen, without the potential for liver damage!
  • 20% Green-lipped mussel oil is 15 times more potent than aspirin, without the gatrointestinal bleeding!
  • 20% Green-lipped mussel oil is 95 times more potent than evening primrose oil
  • 20% Green-lipped mussel oil is 108 times more potent than flaxseed oil
  • 20% Green-lipped mussel oil is 123 times more potent than salmon oil
  • 20% Green-lipped mussel oil is 111 times more potent than fish oil
  • 20% Green-lipped mussel oil is 166 times more potent than olive oil

How Can This Information Benefit You?

If you suffer from pain due to inflammation such as arthritis, you may benefit from taking green-lipped mussel oil, says Mike Adams.**

Why would he say that? Well, in a clinical trial in the UK, green-lipped mussel extract helped 76% of rheumatoid arthritis patients and 70% of osteoarthritic patients.²

Here are some quotes from this study. I'm including them so you can see for yourself that the above mentioned idea is not an exaggeration.


  • 76% of rheumatoid and
  • 70% of osteoarthritic patients benefitted.
  • AI (Articular index of joint tenderness), LUT (limbering-up-time) and FI (functional index) improved significantly by 3 months.
  • The two preparations appeared equally efficacious.
  • One patient experienced fluid retention and one developed nausea.
  • There were no other adverse reactions.

Conclusion: Both the stabilized freeze-dried mussel powder and its derived lipid extract are effective in reducing pain, swelling and stiffness and in improving functional index in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.³

Exciting News about the Most Powerful Green-lipped Mussel Extract Available

As we mentioned in other articles, we have found the most potent mix of omega 3 fish oils, anti-oxidant oil, and green-lipped mussel oil available. We’ve been waiting to publish the review of this natural anti-inflammatory until we had time to try out the product ourselves.

Some people have commented that they feel the benefits almost immediately. That didn't happen with me, and that is one reason this review has been slow in coming, for which I apologize. But I wanted to be certain about the effectiveness of the product.

It was well worth the wait. Many people comment that they begin to feel the benefits after about three to four weeks of taking this natural anti-inflammatory supplement, which has been my case as well.

I'll be posting portions of my personal diary about my experience with this natural anti-inflammatory as well as our review of this omega-3 marine oil product. You can also read my personal story update here.

Moxxor: An Introduction
Moxxor, the most potent source of omega-3 anti-inflammatory oils plus the powerful antioxidant from Sauvignon blanc grapeseed.

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