MOXXOR, Taking You Beyond Fish Oils

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking MOXXOR

In this article we will explore the reasons given as to why someone should take this product. It's a new product on the market and sometimes there is just a lot of marketing and hype regarding new products. That's a fair concern and we hope to investigate the claims made by the company and those promoting the product.

After listening to many presentations and reading what I have been able to find on the internet as to the reasons for using MOXXOR, I have been able to put most of them into one of the following five categories:

  • It is Powerful and Potent
  • It comes from pristine environment
  • It's Petite
  • It's Sustainably Produced
  • It's a solid company with purpose driven leadership

So let's dive into the first reason...

MOXXOR Is Powerful and Potent

The company says that their product contains the most powerful anti-oxidant as well as the omega-3 has the highest anti-inflammatory potency of any natural product on the face of the earth.

How can these claims be substantiated? On what do they base these declarations?

I heard ... (Put

It comes from the most pristine environment in the world

If this really so far fetched. New Zealand is so isolated that until recent times, the only mammals on the islands were bats. Much of the wildlife is unique only to New Zealand. Even now, the waters surrounding the islands are still pristine and clean and the NZ government has strict regulations in place to keep them clean.

It's Petite

This claim is easy to substantiate. Anyone who has tried this product can attest to fact that the small capsules are easy to swallow.

And that's one of the problems with fish oil. If you ask someone who actually takes fish oil, if they do it every day. Most will say they don't. Those that do, say they take it every day because they know it's good for them, not because they notice any positive effects in their lives.

The product is perfect for those who can't swallow 1000mg fish-oil capsules. It's also great for those like me that can't stand the smell of fish oil when you open the bottle.

There are also those who just can't or won't take fish oil liquid.

I heard someone describe the after taste or fish burps like this: "I just don't like talking with a fish all day long." Unfortunately, a lot of the strong unpleasant fish oil smell comes from rancidity as well as the filler oils used in most fish oil capsules today. (reference to GDCC, not sure which one.)

It's Sustainably Produced

The company's sustainability policies and focus are excellent. The two ingredients contained in the product are produced in a totally sustainable way. The green-lipped mussels are seeded on ropes strung out in the Marlborough Sounds off the north shore of the South Island.

They feed on plankton and therefore there is no contamination from feeding sources as there are in fish farms. The plankton comes from the Antarctica and is the very beginning of the food chain.

The by products from the production process are all recycled including the mussel shells.

It's a solid company with purpose driven leadership

MOXXOR Mercury Free

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