What Real People Are Saying about Their MOXXOR Omega-3 Experience!

“It’s like MAGIC. But, it’s not! The stuff works.”

-Tamara Alaine Mitchell

“My personal experience with MOXXOR is WONDERFUL!! I had been dealing with OSTEOARTHRITIS for YEARS but after ingesting just two of these tiny gel caps daily for 4 months, the Osteoarthritis was gone and it remains gone!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

-Bob Mehl

“I had surgery on my knee a few years ago. It would get inflamed and I had to keep getting it aspirated. I tried everything on the market but nothing helped. When I was working out someone was asking about my knee because I had it wrapped in an ace bandage. I told him about my knee and he suggested I try Moxxor.

He gave me a few. I took them and BAM, in just a couple days my knee was perfect. I KID YOU NOT. I noticed a whole change. No more arthritic type stuff going on. My knee is perfectly bendable, thanks to Moxxor.

-Danielle Federico

“I have taken my MOXXOR two to three times daily for three years now and would never go one day without it. I had suffered with excruciating sciatic pain for a full year which was coming from chronic degenerative hip disease. But then with a compressed L-5, the sciatic pain, a burning annoying pain that wipes the smile off your face, was making me miserable.

This was at a time in my life when I really wanted to be pain free. I had met the love of my life and we were making plans and arrangements for our wedding. I wanted to be a beautiful pain free bride.

We both dance Argentine Tango and our wedding was to be tango themed. I wanted to be able to dance at my own wedding but with the kind of pain I was enduring, even standing in my tango shoes which I planned to wear, was not looking possible.

Miraculously I was introduced to MOXXOR right when I needed to be at my best. You see, I have been among other things in my life, an actress and I even guest starred on Star Trek. I was making a personal appearance and could barely walk to the rest room let alone the stage or even sit for the long periods that was needed.

A MOXXOR representative offered me a bottle of MOXXOR and suggested I try it on the spot. I did and took the bottle home with me to try a few more doses. I came back the next day and told the MOXXOR expert that my pain was completely gone. She suggested I stay at a particular number of capsules per day. I was so impressed, having never experienced this type of result with even the pharmaceutical drugs I had reluctantly taken, that I handed her my credit card and said sign me up. I want a pack, an autoship, and I want to be a Representative.

PS. My husband Nazim and I did dance the Argentine Tango at our wedding and I wore my best tango shoes!”

-Celeste Yarnall

“When I started taking MOXXOR I noticed within a couple of weeks that I actually was having much less muscle soreness, and was able to recover much faster and to me that showed that instantly there was something different that I noticed just by changing and starting to take MOXXOR omega 3s.”

-Dr. Scott Graham

“My little boy, Shane, was diagnosed 3 years ago with a condition which causes seizures. For the past 2 years he has had such aggressive readings that the doctors told me I may have to consider brain surgery. They put Shane on Depakote, an anti-seizure medication, about 8 months ago to see if it would control the seizures. In September of 2008, I supplemented Shane with 4 Moxxor a day. We just had Shane’s year-3 seizure scan in November of 2008, and he had a completely normal read. The doctors were amazed at how well his scan read. We are all so excited for our little boy. Thank you, Moxxor!”

-Marci P. in Mission Vieja, California

Update (2012): “I stopped Shane’s anti-seizure “Depakote” medicine about 1 year ago. I saw no seizures during this time, his hand shakes decreased, his reading skills and grades seemed to be increasing to grade level. I was really amazed. In December of 2012 we took him to Chalk Hospital to have another seizure scan. It was truly a miracle.  He showed up seizure-free without being on his anti-seizure medicine.  Yes, we have controlled his brain function naturally.

Update (2013): “My big boy Jake is now 15. When he was diagnosed with autism at age three I really never thought he would have a normal life. He will be a sophomore in high school next year and he is doing great!! He is in typical classes. He pulled A’s, B’s, and C’s last year. He went to a dance this weekend and danced with three girls.  He has worked very hard for his recovery and I feel so blessed!!!”

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