Moxxor Side Effects

MOXXOR Side Effects

When you take MOXXOR, side effects can be expected. Usually when we hear about side effects, we think of something negative that pharmaceuticals cause. Many people today are very concerned with the negative side effects of the drugs they may be taking.

In the case of MOXXOR, any side effects you may feel should be positive. We say positive because MOXXOR is non-toxic and any negative side effects would be like what you might feel if you were to eat too much of a good thing and you'd probably have to take a lot of MOXXOR to do that.

So it should be a pleasant surprise to discover that the side effects of taking MOXXOR are so positive.

Dr. Scott Graham, Department Head of Orthopedic Surgery at Saddleback Hospital in Southern California, says that people come to him because they have pain, either from a sports injury or a disease to the joints.

After his patients are on MOXXOR for a couple of months or so, they ofter return and tell him of other improvements in their health. These improvements are the side effects you can look for as you start to take MOXXOR.

What you can expect

Here's part of an interview with Dr. Scott Graham in which he explains his personal experience as a doctor with his patients. He also sheds light on some of the positive MOXXOR side effects that can take place.

I have some patients who notice something within a couple of weeks. They have a dramatic improvement in their quality of life, in their condition, in their pain, in what they came to see me for.

I also have a group of patients that I might share MOXXOR with them for their shoulder problem but next time I see them they tell me that their problems with their eyes, or their condition with their colon, or something else might have improved, something else that they weren't even thinking about, because again, omega-3s work on every system of the body.

I've had patients who took it and felt nothing. They've said, "Dr. Graham, I don't feel any improvement" and they stop taking it.

Well, a couple of weeks later they realize how much it actually did help them and they just weren't aware of it till they stopped it. So then I have patients who go back on it because of the improvement that they have.

Then there's a group of patients that don't have any real significant noticeable improvement and what I tell them is that they have to realize that omega-3s are great for prevention and the American Heart Association says we should be taking these supplements for cardiac prevention for health in the future. So even if people don't get a specific response or improvement right away or something they can put their finger on, it's helping them long term.

The good and bad is that patients do really well on it. The bad is that patients do so well on it that other patients expect to do as well and that can be a little bit difficult when you have one gentleman might have a condition with his knee scheduled for surgery and starts taking MOXXOR and he decides to put off surgery because his knees feel so good and they haven't felt that good in years.

I've seen that. I've seen patients that had significant knee problems who haven't run in years because of the inflammation in their knees. And once they started on MOXXOR, a specific patient of mine has now been able to run 3 or 4 miles 3 or 4 times a week.

If someone had told me this before I understood what I know now I wouldn't have believed it. I would have said, "This is snake oil. This is a scam."

But it's real. There's medical literature to support it.

MOXXOR side effects that you might look for

The following are some things that we have heard reported or experienced ourselves. This is not a list of conditions that MOXXOR cures or heals.

What Moxxor does, just like so many other natural health rememdies, is strengthen your own body, your immune system, and your own body heals itself. Disease is the absense of health. As you increase your health, your vitality, your well-being, your body takes care of itself and disease falls away.

As we've mentioned before, omega-3s help the body in so many ways that the effects are visible on many levels as well.

  • Better sleep
  • Increased energy
  • Greater feeling of well being
  • Greater mental clarity
  • Increased capacity to focus on tasks
  • Better bowel movents
  • Less need to urinate at night
  • Increased skin health

Moxxor side effects conclusions

To sum things up, MOXXOR nourishes every cell of our bodies and directly effects all of our bodily systems. By supplying our cells what they need with healthy foods, including healthy, natural, pure, and bio-available omega-3s, we can strengthen our immune system and therefore expect our bodies to heal themselves.

So if you take MOXXOR due to pain in your joints, you may wake up pleasantly surprised to find other conditions clearing up as well.

Here's to your health and well-being and the positive side effect of MOXXOR!

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