Moxxor Serving Size:
How to Decide How Much to Take

We thought you might appreciate recommendations for MOXXOR serving size and how to decide how much you should take daily.

We use the term serving size rather than dose for the simple reason that MOXXOR is not a drug or a pharmaceutical. MOXXOR is an all-natural whole, raw food product. It's classified as a food and a nutraceutical.

The company’s general recommendation is 2 MOXXOR soft gel capsules taken daily. There are 60 capsules in each bottle, so one bottle is one month’s supply at two capsules per day.

If you are in good health with no major or chronic health challenges, then two a day should help you maintain your good health and wellbeing. This is why we refer to two a day as a maintenance serving.

However, if you are experiencing pain or inflammation, or are facing other challenges to your health, you may want to consider beginning with three or four a day until you feel better, and then go to the two a day 'maintenance' serving.

Some of the doctors and health professionals on MOXXOR’s science advisory boards suggest the following strategy to their patients who are facing health challenges: Start off with a larger serving of MOXXOR so your body can build up its reserves of omega-3 essential fatty acids. Then gradually reduce the quantity taken until you reach the serving size you feel good with.

It’s important to listen to your body and follow its lead in these matters.

You may wish to consult with your health care practitioner before taking more than the recommended serving of Moxxor.

Again, MOXXOR is not a pharmaceutical. It’s a natural food product. And although some people do see or feel positive results very quickly, the most profound effects take time, just like nearly all natural healing.

This is one reason why MOXXOR offers a 90-day money-back guarantee: So you have time to really feel the results.

Variables that may affect Moxxor serving size

There are also some variables that may affect how much MOXXOR you need to consume to achieve your desired results. Among these variables are

  • your weight
  • the number of inflammatory processes at work within your body (some of which you may be unaware of), and
  • the amount of Omega-6 oils you have consumed in the past and continue to consume.

(It appears that the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 greatly affects health and inflammation and most people have far too much omega-6 in the diet. Read more here.)

Also, while omega-3s are an integral and essential component of good health for all humans and pets, it is only one component of good health. As you know, diet and exercise are two other very important parts of the picture.

To sum up our MOXXOR serving size suggestions:

  1. If you’re in good health, 2 MOXXOR capsules a day is the recommended maintenance serving.
  2. If you have health challenges, you could start with a larger daily serving, such as 4 or more per day. When you have seen or felt positive results for a while, slowly decrease intake until you reach a level that maintains the desired effects.
  3. If only minimal improvement is felt after some time, then gradually increase intake until a result is achieved, up to a maximum of 8 capsules per day. Again, when you have seen or felt positive results for a while, slowly decrease intake until you reach a level that maintains the desired effects.

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