What's the Most Important Nutrient?

What's the most important nutrient?

The answer to the question "What's the most important nutrient?" is simple, but not necessarily obvious or well understood. Dr. James Chappell answers this question with the best explination I have ever heard.

This short 5 minute video provides important information about where the key factors for good health lie. Knowing what is most important can help you make better decisions regarding your health and your family.

Discover the most important nutrient

You'll learn not only what this most important nutrient is, but how you can help yourself and your loved ones increase the supply of this nutrient on a cellular level.

This is part of an interview of Dr. James Chappell and may hold the key for you as to why your health isn't what you want it to be.

This one simple and overlooked nutrient could hold the key to vitality, energy, and recovery or prevention that you are looking for. What do you think the most important nutrient is?

Oxygen saturation on a cellular level

The most essential nutrient, and very few people think of this. We need vitamins and minerals and amino acids, enzyms, and essential fatty acids, antioxidents. We need these things.

But the most important nutrient is oxygen.

I mean, all you have to do is think about it. You can survive three weeks without food.
You can survive three to four days without water. 

But how long can you survive without oxygen? About three minutes?

So oxygen becomes a critical nutrient that most people never think about. Because they're breathing they think they don't need to worry about oxygen. It's automatic. 

"Just because you're breathing oxygen doesn't mean you're getting oxygen saturation at a cellular level."

What is the cell membrane made of and how do you facilitate the transfer of oxygen in and out of the cell?

The cell membrane is a double layer of lipids, or fats. It's called the phospholipid membrane. So now you've got lipids, fats, that are making up this membrane and part of the essential fatty acid of omega-3 in MOXXOR helps to make up the phopholipid membrane

If you don't have a healthy phospholipid membrane you can breathe all day long like you do anyway, but it doesn't mean that you're getting oxygen saturation.

You need omega-3s. You need essential fatty acids. You need phospholipids to make up a health cell membrane in or to have proper absorption and saturation of oxygen to get in the cells.

Just breathing in the body isn't what we are talking about. We need to get the oxygen into the cells and oxygen is the number one nutrient. Without it, can we survive? Yes.

We can survive with the minimum daily requirement by just breathing. But is that our goal?

But if you don't have the proper cell membrane based on phospholipids, based on essential fatty acids, specifically omega-3s, and now we are talking specifically about MOXXOR, then without these, you're going to have a diminished oxygen content within the cell.

And EVERY disease, dis-ease, every one that's been tested so far. If you want to thrive and you want to be healthy, you need oxygen saturation.

If you have what is called tissue hypoxia, not enough oxygen at a cellular level, that's the petri dish that pathogenic organisms thrive in. That's the petri dish that cancer thrives in.

When you're dealing with essential fatty acids, just the name alone is telling you that we're talking about something that the body and make or produce. When you're talking about an essential fatty acid this is something separate from that. This is something that the body must consume on a regular basis. It's an essential nutrient that the body needs through the diet and through this consumption.

The body will pull this essential fatty acid out of the food and it will digest it and it will absorb it. It will transport it through the blood vascular transport system. It will heal and repair wherever that nutrient is necessary.

This is the wonderful thing about MOXXOR, is that someone can say, "you know, I have arthritis. I have bursitis."

MOXXOR goes where the problem is

If someone's got inflammation and they take MOXXOR, because of that essential fatty acid omega-3, it goes where it needs to go. It's driven by the intelligence of the body. 

Now once you have that happening, every cell in the body requires this phospholipid membrane to be healthy, in order to bring in nutrients, to release waste products, to pull in oxygen.   

This essential fatty acid omega-3 is addressing every cell in the body that requires that.

So truly, what you have here is a product, something that goes way beyond an isolated nutrient, you have something that's critical to slow down and reverse tissue hypoxia, which is not enough oxygen. You have something that affects  the immune system. It major target inflammation in the body.

The most important nutrient is oxygen and MOXXOR helps bring oxygen to every cell in the body.

Dr. James Chappel Bio

Moxxor Mercury-free

Dr. James Chappell is a board certified Chiropractic (D.C.) and traditional Naturopathic (N.D.) Physician, Clinical Nutritionist (Ph.D.) and Medical Herbalist (M.H.)

Since 1971, he's been an avid health researcher and educator, specializing in incorporating natural healing protocols for chronic, severe, and the so-called terminal illnesses.

As a clinician, he's consulted over 11,000 patients and spent 10 plus years as one of the lot doctors for Paramount, Universal, MGM and Burbank Studios in Hollywood, seeing actors, producers, and directors.

During the years Dr. Chapell spent operating a holistic clinic, he invested five years as a youth services coordinator in Kennebunkport, Maine, helping families with crisis intervention, suicide prevention, family mediation, substance abuse, and youth run-away location.

In addition, he's a best selling author, "A Promise Kept: One Son's Quest for the Cause and Cure of DIS-EASE".

He's a lecturer, noted speaker, TV and radio personality, commissioner of the Citizen's Commission for Human Rights, spokesperson for the Whole Wellness Club, neutriceutical and botanical formulator, corporate medical consultant, president at Chappell Health Products LLC, and QCI Products LLC, and MOXXOR Holistic Advisory board member.