Research Sheds Light on How to Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis Naturally

If you have this painful condition, and you'd like to know how to treat rheumatoid arthritis naturally, recent research from England, Harvard, and elsewhere will encourage you.

Researchers have discovered why fish oil and other marine oils can be such a Godsend for those suffering from this and other painful conditions.

Marine oils are a rich source of the omega-3 fatty acid, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid.) This has long been known.

Scientists have discovered that our bodies convert DHA, an ingredient present in fish and marine oils, into something they call Resolvin D2. Resolvin D2, in turn, reduces inflammation.

Inflammation is what happens when the natural defenses of our bodies, instead of attacking actual invaders, such as bacteria and viruses, attack the body's own healthy tissue. Inflammation is responsible for many diseases and painful conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis.

And the wonderful news about DHA and Resolvin D2 gets even better!

Resolvin D2 is made in the body from an ingredient of fish oil, a naturally occurring substance, called DHA. It does not suppress the immune system, as do synthetic, pharmaceutical anti-inflammatories.

People suffering from a wide variety of conditions have been prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs, but because of their serious side effects, have wanted to learn how to treat rheumatoid arthritis and other painful conditions more gently, without the side effects of the prescription and even over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs.

Though it has long been believed (and experienced by many people) that marine oils have a beneficial effect on rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions involving inflammation, what's particularly interesting about these recent findings is that the researchers have discovered how the body converts the DHA found in fish and other marine oils into Resolvin D2, which reduces inflammation naturally. This makes it a wonderful piece in the puzzle of how to treat rheumatoid arthritis naturally.

Mauro Perretti, Professor of Immunopharmcology at Queen Mary, University of London, commenting on the research findings, said that a small amount of Resolving D2, which "seems to be a very powerful chemical," can have a large effect. Professor Perretti led the UK team.


Why Fish Oils Help and How They Could Help Even More, from EurekAlert!

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