Grapeseed Extract News and Comments by You!

Grapeseed Extract News brings you up-to-date information from news around the world regarding this natural supplement. Discover the benefits of this powerful natural antioxidant that has been shown to exhibit even anti-cancer properties without any toxic or dangerous side effects.

Benefits of Grapeseed Extract

Here are a few of the benefits we have found:

  • Grapeseed extract is water AND oil soluble. This means that it can deliver antioxidant protection by penetrating cell membranes throughout the whole body.
  • It relieves constipation and opens up the bowel's detoxification channel.
  • This extract addresses complication due to diabetes.
  • Prevents the formation of plaque in the arteries therefore aiding in better heart health.
  • GSE improves mental alertness, fights mental fog, and may help in preventing senility and other age related cognitive complications.
  • Prevents tooth decay and supports better oral health.
  • Interferes with cancer cell growth and proliferation by stimulating apoptisis or cell suicide.
  • GSE stimulates better circulation of blood.
  • Aids in preventing osteoporosis.

Grapeseed Extract News and Comments by You

Below you'll find the latest news about Grapeseed Extract and its health benefits.

Grapeseed Extract News Articles

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Preliminary Clinical Trial Shows Grapeseed Extract in Moxxor Reduces Exercise-Induced Oxidative Stress 
(NaturalNews) A preliminary clinical trial has been completed by Dr. Glenn Vile in conjunction with HortResearch, a New Zealand research institution. Although …

Using grape seeds can help reduce the effects of UV damage to skin 
A study has found an extract from grape seeds used to make Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc has significant benefits which combat UV skin damage. AgResearch …

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