Ritchie Jaffe Interviews Dr. Luis Caban
Omega 3s Are Powerful Anti-aging Supplements

Ritchie Jaffe interviews Dr. Luis Caban who holds the prestigious Roxanne Laboratories Research Award which he received in 1995 as well as the Facts and Comparison Award for excellence in clinical communication.

Dr. Caban believes that Omega 3’s are powerful anti-aging supplements which offer beneficial effects on heart and vascular systems. He’s very excited about MOXXOR because of the absolutely pure source of omega 3’s, Sauvignon blanc grape seed extract, and Kiwifruit Seed Oil from New Zealand which have combined to provide superior anti-inflammatory & antioxidant protection.

Hear how Dr. Caban made the decision to keep his retail store in south Florida and sell his prescription practice to serve his patient population most effectively through providing holistic counseling…and MOXXOR. By the way…MOXXOR has become the largest single selling product in his pharmacy. Learn just how he made that happen.