Richard Jaffe Interviews Tim Healey: Child Development and Omega 3

Interview - Child Development and Omega 3 with Child Development Specialist Tim Healey

Tim Healey knew of the connection between child development and omega-3, and had already used omega-3s' anti-inflammatory properties to help high-risk children in an orphanage in Romania, though the product he had used was inferior to Moxxor. Even knowing about and witnessing the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of the omegas, Tim was astounded by the superior efficacy of Moxxor.

In this interview, Healey tells about his work with children in an orphanage where there were over 500 children and three to four caretakers.

Before he began working with the children, they were touched for only 22 to 24 seconds per day. They took 60 children under the age of two, all of whom were blind and deaf. They were non-responsive to sound. They had never smiled before.

Volunteers held, touched, loved, nurtured, and rocked the children. The children were also given omega-3. The product used at that time was inferior to Moxxor, but even so the results highlight some of the beautiful effects of omega-3. Healy emphasizes that omega-3 didn't work in isolation, however, but synergistically with love, nurturing, and touch.

After 28 days, 58 of the 60 children could smile, see and hear. Incredible changes were wrought in these children. Eleven of them were brought to the US, where they found homes. Healy and his team found their brain growth to increase between 7 and 14%. That's about 300 to 400 million receptor sites.

Healy goes on to say, "Unfortunately...I had no control of 31 of these children initially, and when they went back to the orphanage, I went back in three months and in three months they were cortically blind and deaf again." So it's astounding to see what omega-3s can do for chronically stressed children.

The above interview and statistics are from 2008. Now some of these children are on MOXXOR and the results are increasing dramatically. We'll be publishing more details of their progress, as explained in more recent interviews with Tim Healy.

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About Tim Healey

Tim Healey is a Infant and Child Development Specialist with a Master's in Psychology and 25 Years of developing expertise in:

  • Infant and child feeding disorders
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Children who are prenatally exposed to drugs
  • Premature and developmentally delayed children

Currently in private practice in Orange, California, Tim has worked in Hospitals throughout the Country in Intensive Care Units including the NICU and PICU.

He's been extensively published and has authored "Guiding the Child through Preterm Development," and "Hush Little Baby," a teaching video focused on calming the severely irritable child. Tim is a nationally renowned speaker who has worked & studied with Dr. T. Berry Brazelton.

Tim has a passion for helping children and has worked in orphanages in Romania and Bosnia, as well as in Mexico. Over the past few years he has been especially involved with children who are under extreme stress.

This initiative has developed an advocacy group named Enlightening. Tim is currently publishing a book called "Behind a Child's Eyes," which focuses on the impact of stress on Children.

Recently Tim joined the MOXXOR Holistic Advisory Board and has begun incorporating the product into his practice. Tim is a father of four children.

Besides being passionate about his work, Tim enjoys hiking in the hills of Laguna Beach and surfing.

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