Canine Allergy Treatment:
An Interview with Dogtor J

Important Disclaimer Regarding Canine Allergy Treatment: This article does no pretend to infer that you can treat allergies with omega-3s

It is important to understand that the FDA has come to understand that if a product or food is used to treat a disease, then it is a drug. If it does not have approval as a drug, then it is in violation of the laws governing drugs.

We wish to make it clear that nothing that we or Dr Symes puts forth on this site is intended to infer or say that omega-3 essential fatty acids can cure, treat, or diagnose any disease. He speaks at length about how food allergies begin the process and the body's own immune system response can bring on allergies such as asthma.

By eliminating the offending foods, the body is able to restore balance and health. Omega-3 essential fatty acids support immune system health and therefore have an important role in health, whether it be in humans or in canines.

Richard Jaffe Interviews Dr John Symes, (known on the internet as Dogtor J)Omega-3 and Canine Allergy Treatment:

Dr John Symes graduated with honors from Auberon University School of Veterinary Medicine in l979. Following academic studies he entered into private practice where he has been active for the last 27 years.

He's practiced in Mass, South Carolina, California, and now owns and operates a small animal practice in Mobile, Alabama.

He's also a member of MOXXOR's prestigious veterinary advisory board.

In April 2000, Dr. Symes discovered that he suffered from glutton intolerance and that's changed his life, both personally and professionally. Within one month of being glutton free he was a totally different person. His pain, depression, and chronic fatigue, food addictions and insomnia, coupled with gastro-intestinal distress disappeared.

He was quickly transformed from a sickly 45-year-old on five different prescription medications to a bullet-proof 53-year-old who's not taken a prescription in over 7 years.

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