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We are publishing this page so you, our visitors and readers, can learn about our policies and the compensated affiliate links on our site.

Advertising Guidelines for Green Lipped Mussel Oil

  • Our site accepts advertising and other forms of compensation. This helps us cover costs of publishing what we feel is important information for those seeking natural health. Such compensation does not influence the information we present on this site. We always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, experiences, or results of our research and study.
  • Presenting reliable, trustworthy and relevant information about health and well-being is our primary goal. Our motivation comes from knowing that we are helping others find a way to regain or maintain vibrant health.
  • We never receive payment to write a review, nor do we accept money to review products or services. We invest our own resources to cover costs of trying a product or service before writing a review.
  • Reviews and articles written by Green Lipped Mussel Oil may include links to the products or services reviewed. When you purchase the product or service through one of our affiliate links, referred to as a Green Lipped Mussel Oil sponsor, Green Lipped Mussel Oil receives a small commission on the sale. Our goal is to provide quality information that can help improve our health and planet.
  • We never let any advertiser influence the content of our reviews and articles. As a matter of fact, we would not enter into any relationship with a product or service provider who would try to influence the views expressed on this site.
  • We will clearly indicate links that are affiliate links. We call our affiliate links Green Lipped Mussel Oil Sponsors.

Affiliate Links

For those who may not understand how affiliate marketing works, we thought that a brief explanation would be helpful.

Green Lipped Mussel Oil is affiliated with a few select companies that we are confident to recommend to you, our readers, because we have either used the product or service or believe that the company is in alignment with our personal values and convictions regarding genuine natural health, purity, and sustainability.

If a company does not meet our standards of integrity and quality, then we don't affiliate with them, period.

When you choose to purchase a product or service by clicking through one of our text or image links, we receive a small commission from that sale, for which we are very grateful.

You may choose to go directly to the merchant's web site, and you will pay the same price, but Green Lipped Mussel Oil will not receive a commission from that sale.

So if you like our site and would like to help us continue to provide you with up-to-date natural health information, please feel free to purchase through our affiliate links.

This site requires time, effort, and money to deliver original as well as timely news content free to you. Supporting our sponsors is a winning experience for you, us, and them.

We Are Independent Distributors of Moxxor

We wish to make it clear that we are independent distributors of Moxxor and as such receive a small commission when you purchase through our distributor urls. We have tested Moxxor by using it for over eight years now and are still very happy with the results.

We are proud to be able to recommend such this high quality and efficacious product to our readers.

Green Lipped Mussel Oil Values Your Trust

We value you. Therefore we try our best to provide only reliable, researched information.

We will not associate with advertisers or affiliates or even link exchange programs that add little or uncertain value to you and your health.

If the product, service, company, or site does not meet our strict criteria, we will turn down offers, regardless of the compensation or apparent advantage offered to us.

How We Were Able to Build This Site and Write an Advertising Policies Page Like This?

Well, we didn't know all of this when we started our site back in 2007, but we had help and encouragement from a small business-minded community at, which is where we discovered how to build a profitable online business presence. We are so thankful to have the help, support, and friendship of like-minded small business owners who are willing and able to help us build our own business.

We are not only satisfied customers of but we are members of their affiliate program.

We are confident to recommend Solo Build It! from SiteSell to those of our visitors who would like to have their own successful website and online business. We have used this product successfully since 2007, and believe that it represents excellent value for your money.

We receive no payment for recommending Solo Build It!, but if you decide to purchase Solo Build It! through our links found on this site, we will receive a commission.

You are free to order from a number of sources, including SiteSell, but we'd be happy if you would consider ordering through us by using the link provided here:

Thank you for visiting Green Lipped Mussel Oil!

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