ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) - Treatment and Omega-3s

ADHD Treatment and Omega-3s

Author: Tim Healy - Infant & Child Development Specialist

These are excerpts of a longer article written by Tim Healy  which focuses on the role of omega-3s and anti-oxidants in treating ADD and ADHD.

Treatment of ADHD

One of the great benefits that people have researched and written about, I have experienced, both at a personal level as I myself have ADD and with the children I take care of.

This is a combination of omega-3 and antioxidants, and there is no better omega-3 and antioxidants that works in synergy than MOXXOR.

The children in my practice that have attention deficit (ADHD and ADD), whether treated with medication or not are all on MOXXOR and we are getting outstanding results. Children are able to lower doses of the medication, come off medications much faster. There is multitudinous scientific evidence to show the reason why.

In Dr. Amen’s book, Healing, Anxiety, Depression, in talking about ADD and insufficiency of omega-3 has been linked to depression, mood instability and attention deficits. It is critical to understand that fatty acids facilitate nerve cell membrane activity. They decrease inflammation. They keep osmolarity more appropriate. They help in the sodium-potassium pump.

The studies also show that decreased consumption of omega-3 correlate with high rates of anxiety, depression and ADD. There is an excellent study done at Harvard shown in the archives of general psychiatry that supplementation of omega-3 cited a significant improvement in intestinal disorders, as well as bipolar disorder. The importance of MOXXOR is that there is no better omega-3 as well as the antioxidant approach.

The brain had a high composure fat with a third of it made up of long chain omega-3 fatty acids known as DHA and is an essential fatty acid, and your body cannot manufacture it. You have to get it from your diet. Omega-3 is found to be vital for the development of new neural pathways, increasing synaptic connections and then of membrane fluidity at the neuronal synapse. Really this just a way to say that omega-3 allows the brain to learn and transmit signals.

There is no question that omega-3 helps in the production of dopamine and serotonin, especially in its input into the frontal lobe where attention deficit has it highest rates. Studies with omega-3s show binding of dopamine to appropriate receptor sites.

MOXXOR in the Treatment of ADHD and ADD

The advantage of MOXXOR is that it is such a pure form in concentration and that also has its anti-inflammatory value. Anti-inflammatory is critical in the brain. It keeps the pH appropriate. It allows synaptic connections to improve. It diminishes free radicals which are unstable electrons which can have a severe effect long-term in damaging the nervous system.

MOXXOR, as stated above, is a very powerful and pure omega-3 and antioxidant, with grape seed extract. This is so critical when we think of brain function and attention deficit. ...Neurons are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. One component of omega-3 DHA is found in high quantities in the retina.

There is a strong correlation that MOXXOR promotes healthier emotional balance and positive mood. A lot of this is due to the brain synapses. There are great studies that show the improvement of memory with omega-3 combined [with] the antioxidants.

Although this is specifically on attention deficit, I have seen in the children that I take care of there is an improvement in overall emotional balance. They are calmer. If they are on medications, they can usually lower the medication as it works synergistically with the medications.

It should be the foundation for every child that has an attention deficit. MOXXOR is so important because it is hard to get enough omega-3s in our diet. Fast foods prevent this, a lot of the processing of foods, fish that are raised in farms are decreased in omega-3s.

The key is to find the most efficient omega-3s and antioxidants, and MOXXOR far surpasses anything available. The antioxidant effect certainly is just as important as it is shown to facilitate cognitive development. It prevents deterioration of the brain with age.

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The work of free radicals

Generally, free radicals work to rid the body of harmful toxins. When produced in toxic amounts they damage the body’s cellular make-up, resulting in cell death and tissue damage. This is called oxidative stress. It is critical to have an antioxidant in children and adults that have high stress that are on medications and [have] a lot of inflammation in the brain.

The antioxidants in MOXXOR not only are of the highest concentration but the purest form. There is a recent study that looked at the hippocampus in animals and showed that high antioxidants prevented loss of neurons in the hippocampus which is critical for memory with the temporal lobe. I cannot say enough about MOXXOR and its value with attention deficits.

Most individual clinical psychiatrists that I work with now are very aware of the effect of omega-3s and antioxidants and are realizing that MOXXOR is the most powerful of any of these available.

The results I have seen in their practices are tremendous and the growing body of research is supporting this.The synergistic effects of MOXXOR for brain growth, for development, for balance of neurotransmitters and hormones is a certainty, and having MOXXOR as the efficient omega-3s and antioxidant is the future in treating not only ADD, but many other emotional [and] psychological disorders in children and adults.

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