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In just a couple of hours…
April 12, 2016

There’s no time to waste!

The Truth About Cancer – A Global Quest Premier goes live in just a little while and I want to make absolutely sure you’re headed over there to watch this amazing documentary series.

It's worth the time you spend watchng it as this information is not easy to find. Your doctor will not tell you about these natural, safe, and effective alternatives to toxic, ineffective, and devestating conventional treatments. So register now.


You won’t want to miss a minute of it as over 100 doctors, scientists, researchers and just as importantly cancer conquerors come together and share their stories on camera for the very first time.

It’s the greatest gathering of cutting edge research that’s ever been compiled… and it will open your eyes to what’s actually possible in the pursuit of a cure.

Prepare to be amazed at what you discover in the first episode… once you’ve seen it, you’ll be on the edge of your seat to see the rest of this groundbreaking series.

I’ll be in the front row with popcorn. No, not really. I'll probably be drinking a fresh pressed organic veggie juice. I hope to see you there!

Head on over here and join me now (plus, it’s 100% FREE).


I’ll see you there.

All the best in health and happiness,

Ed Pickus

PS. Keep in mind – Each episode of this incredible 9 part series will be online for only 24 hours from release. Make sure you don’t miss a single thing. You’ll be amazed at what you’re about to discover. Join me here to watch the premier now!


P.P.S. A couple of my friends asked me why I'm sending out so many emails. The answer is, I'm passionate about this topic. I'm concerned about my family and friends. And I care about others. That's why. So if I have sent too many emails lately, I don't apologize. This is important for everyone. And please feel free to unscribe from this list at any time. Sad to see you go, but I have to do what I have to do. All the best, my friends.

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