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The Truth About Cancer a Global Quest
April 10, 2016

The Healing Cancer World Summit begins tonight, Tuesday the 25th of October and we didn't want you to miss the chance to sign up for free. This is a final call to join and get access to this information about cancer that you need to know.

This is going to be one of the very top events for this year and you don't want to miss it.

You will hear about the causes, the real causes of cancer which is essential to be able to do what is necessary for the body to be able to heal itself. And...

Just knowing about he causes of cancer gives you the chance to prevent it. It's that simple.

Just take a minute right now to read a little about how this program works and sign up right away. You can attend the whole event, for free, by signing up right now.

Check out the details and reserve your place here:

Even if you won't take the time for yourself, consider doing it for your loved ones and your future.

Hope to see you there at the summit.

Here's to your health,

Ed and Tricia for and

PS Here's the link, once again, where you can sign up for this program right now:

Click to watch it now.

Already, the response to this documentary has been overwhelmingly positive, with over one million tuning in to watch it last fall for its debut. Now we hope, with your help, we can get this potentially life-saving information into the lives of many others who still believe that the only hope for cancer is drugs, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

Please forward this email to anyone like this you have in mind.

The Truth About Cancer is the culmination of a worldwide search for new treatments and the potential for a cure of this life altering disease, and the results these intrepid doctors and scientists are getting are nothing short of AMAZING.

Click to watch it now.

Keep in mind that this documentary series has been deemed “too controversial” for network television, so we are relying on our supporters to help spread awareness by taking a moment to share this VIP sneak peek by forwarding this email.

There’s also a handy episode guide on the video page so you can see the kind of groundbreaking information that the full series will have.

I hope you and loved ones join us in helping to spread the message that you can overcome cancer without the violence of fraudulent "therapies," financial ruin, and unnecessary suffering.

Together let's change this world for the better and beat cancer naturally.

All the best in health and happiness,

Ed Pickus

P.S. If you haven't already registered for this event, please do yourself a favoe and register now and watch this sneak peak today. Click to watch it now.

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