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13 Quick Questions that May Save Your Life (seriously)
April 03, 2016

I not only got a low score on the test, I think I may have sent you the wrong links yesterday. So in this email I'm sending you the right links. A few of you mentioned that you had a problem with the links, so I'm re-sending the links in this email.

But I do want to ask you, how much do you really know about how to best prevent, treat, heal from, and beat cancer?

Take this important short “Cancer IQ” quiz right now and you'll be very surprised at what you discover!

Because yes, the statistics are grim.

Over 20,000 people die daily from cancer (or the treatment of it).

Far too many of these people were told “there’s just nothing else we can do” by their doctors.

Most of them did NOT have to die from the disease... or even get it in the first place!

There’s so much misinformation about cancer, how we get it and how we treat it, that it truly boggles the mind.

Take this short but important “Cancer IQ” quiz right now to find out how much you really know...

… And most importantly, to discover THE TRUTH ABOUT CANCER, including all the best steps doctors and other “experts” are likely not telling you on how to best prevent and treat this horrible disease.

I realize many people believe they know enough to make “good enough” decisions about eradicating cancer from their lives.

I thought so too.

But when it comes to cancer especially, there is so much essential info being (literally) barricaded from good people like you by certain very powerful entities (hint: Big Pharma.)

Truth is, there are now a LOT of powerful non-drug and non-surgery ways available to you right now to prevent and eradicate cancer…

… It's just that most people simply don’t know they all exist.

I urge you to take this 42 second quiz and find out your “cancer IQ” right away.

I bet you'll be shocked too at what you discover.

All the very best in health and well being,

Ed Pickus from and

P.S. This quiz is pretty mind-blowing, even for someone who has some knowledge of cancer and its treatment. Go take it now.

P.P.S. And then share it with your friends and family, they deserve this information too! And... I apologize for sending this email right on the heals of yesterday's, but as you can see, this material is essential to your survival. And, it's free.

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