Radiation Protection Recommendations, Part 1
As promised, here is the first part of our recommendations, and what we have discovered about what you can do to help protect yourself and your family from radiation.

These recommendations are aimed at strengthening your body in a way that may help protect it from radiation. They also help strengthen your immune system and bodily functions generally. So even if the worst doesn't happen, putting them into practice should help you be healthier and better able to face many health challenges.

Here's to your safety, happiness, health--and preparedness!

Ed and Pat

PS Although the news media is now turning its attention elsewhere, the situation in Japan with regard to the dangers of radiation is still very unstable. What we have learned from this situation is that it's often not in your best interest to wait for the government to give you radiation protection pills. You are responsible for your safety and welfare and if the government helps in some way, that's an extra bonus. Educate yourself as much as possible, and be prepared. It's better to be prepared months early than one day too late.

Our prayers continue to be with the people of Japan in this time of great need.


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