The explosions and possible meltdowns in some of Japan's nuclear reactors are so serious that we are publishing a very important and extremely timely article to help enable you to protect yourself and your family if you are in danger of being exposed to radioactive material.

Last night as we were writing the article, our favorite online store, iHerb, still had supplies of the thyroid protective compound we explain in the article. By this morning, their stocks were all gone. This shows why it's better to be prepared years too soon than one day too late.

Thyroid Protection - This could save your life!
This is essential information if you are in an area that might be at risk of exposure if radioactive material is released into the air.

This one inexpensive, simple compound can help you protect the health and well-being of your whole family.

The events unfolding in Japan will change Japan forever and have worldwide repercussions in all spheres of life. The danger from radioactive fallout from a nuclear accident is a threat to the whole world.

Here's to your safety, happiness and health--and preparedness!

Ed and Pat

PS Our thoughts and prayers go out to all who are affected by this tragedy and for their protection, safety, food and shelter, comfort and peace of mind and heart.


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