Green Lipped Mussel Oil:
A Powerful Natural Anti-inflammatory

Natural Anti-inflammatory Moxxor Omega-3

Green lipped mussels are commonly found in the pristine waters near South Island, New Zealand. These mussels are not only eaten as a local specialty, but they are also packed into capsules and taken as nutritional supplements all over the world in the form of green lipped mussel oil.

On this site you'll find the latest information available about green-lipped mussel oil and its uses, benefits, history and much more.

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Are there foods that have high anti-inflammatory properties? What are these and how potent are they? Should these functional foods be a part of your normal diet?

What if you are allergic to seafood? What if you're a vegan?

  • Do green-lipped mussels really contain substances that can reduce or eliminate inflammation and the resulting pain naturally?
  • If so, what are those substances?
  • Do these ocean dwellers hold promise for you if you suffer from the pain and weakness that often accompany inflammatory diseases?
  • What does the scientific literature say about these sea creatures?

You'll find here the available literature so you can see for yourself what the scientific peer-reviewed literature says about green-lipped mussels and the oil that is derived from them. You can also find what respected health care professionals have written about this nutritional supplement.

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